Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jolie Marie Wool mouse At Home

Hi friends this is Jolie Marie woolmouse. I have spent a quite Christmas with my friend Marguerite Bleuette. We decorated our Tree. Then We Had Some Sweets. I made my famous 3 cheese layer cake. Today I receive Notice that A Velveteen Rabbit Will be coming to live with us. I hope she likes Cheese. Joli Marie Woolmouse

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  1. Hi Jolie!! We just saw your blog over at Mabel's! It's so nice to meet your friend Marguerite too. (hey, you both have french names, now that is pretty cool). We are going right away to link to you over on the Moor!

    Sounds like you had a very nice holiday. We did too! Don't they just go to fast though? The Bears here on the Moor agree we must have a holiday at least once a week. :0D